November SUPA Product Talks: Developing Products with Social Benefits

When and where do you have to adapt the profit driven product process when your product has a social mission or benefits?

Darlene Crane, President of PCI Crane Consulting, will share the visual thinking process she developed and then taught to hundreds of corporate managers, and continually fine-tuned through years of leading large scale projects, operations, and process-improvement initiatives.

She will lead us through an exploration of how to

 More clearly define the social benefits of products
 How values improve decision making over the product development process
 Consider when passion for the social mission can add risk

Agenda: November 18, 2015, [6:45][9:00] PM, Tech Liminal, Oakland, CA

[6:30]-[7:00] Networking

[7:00][7:15] Welcome, Introductions

[7:15][8:30] Featured Speaker: Darlene Crane, President, PCI Crane Consulting

[8:30][9:00] Product & People Pitches, Job Opps, Demos

Darlene is from a working class family and the daughter of a union leader. She never thought she would go into business management let alone consulting until she went through a bankruptcy early in her working career. When she understood the impact a bankruptcy has on thousands of jobs and families she decided she had to understand business and executive decision making. For over two decades she has explored business growth, turn arounds, and sustained growth through product development and quality in the largest corporations to the smallest micro businesses.

She uses her social science, information science and MBA Finance education and experience to conduct market research, product development and shape unique business models with social/economic awareness and benefits.

She taught in MBA programs for over a decade to develop her approach to innovation and product
development. In 2003 her textbook, Executive Accountability, was published. Her company PCI Crane Consulting delivers business growth programs, consulting services and coming in 2016 on-line content for entrepreneurs and business owners. She served as Executive Director of the Alliance for Community Development for six years. She has been an independent consultant for over two decades.



SUPA Product Talks welcomes everyone passionate about product excellence, regardless of title, industry, or stage of growth, to come together to share, learn and talk about what it really takes to produce products that people love and how to build sustainable businesses and revenue streams based on product excellence. @startupproduct


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