Participate in the 5th Annual Study of Product Team Performance

Why should you take part in this year’s study?
Because developers, engineers, product owners,  project managers, product managers, UX, QA, product marketers…are central to effective product teams. The more of us that share our perspective on what’s working and what isn’t increases the odds that organizations will take heed and implement positive change.
Our community is at the heart of a strong product team – so make your voice count!
This year’s survey is now open and takes only seven minutes to fill out.
The 2016 product team performance survey assesses the dynamics of product team performance and determining what factors impede or improve product development outcomes. Results will be compiled and distributed to all participants.
Make sure to enter your contact information when you take the survey to enroll in a random drawing for $200 worth of Apple gift cards courtesy of the study’s sponsors: Project Connections, Planbox and Accelerance.

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