Podcast Series: Developing The Lean Spec

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Cindy F. Solomon of SUPA Product Academy chats with Malcolm Knapp of the Engineer Accelerator to figure out how to apply the process that Malcolm teaches for creating the vision for a product prior to building it. The “lean spec” is a product specification requirements process that Malcolm has developed and implemented over many years of building hardware products and uses to arrive at the product definition prior to building.

Listeners are invited to join the discussion, ask questions and provide your own perspectives and approaches for what process and tools you currently employ to arrive at a cross functional and validated vision of the product prior to build.  Follow the Global Product Management Talk channel on BlogTalkRadio for regular episodes and other syndicated product management shows.

malcolmAbout Malcolm Knapp


I help small companies and individual people with defining the product they are trying to make and implementation of the electronics component of that product. In all, I have over ten years of project experience ever since I designed and built a low cost rechargeable lantern from The Millennium Villages project in 2004.

My education includes a combined BA in Science, Engineering, and Society from Pitzer College, a BS in Electrical Engineer from Columbia University and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia. I chose this type of degree because politics, economics, and culture, effect what is built just as much as what is technically possible and I wanted to understand how.




Episode 1

This is the first in a series of conversations highlighting the issues involved in talking about this process, developing it as a product management tool, and solving the complexity of visualizing the product definition before development begins.

Episode 2

Malcolm Knapp of the Engineer Accelerator and Cindy F. Solomon of SUPA Product Academy delve into systems thinking and cross-functional collaboration to create the Lean Spec document to uncover what is known and unknown about the product before undertaking development.

Episode 3

In this 3rd episode, we discuss where in the product lifecycle process the lean spec is created, and who is responsible for driving it forward to execution. Distinctions regarding project management, product management, product marketing management, UX, CX and QA focus are uncovered.

Episode 4

In this 4th discussion of the series, they use a mobile application product idea to work through the probing questions necessary to identify what is known and what is unknown to flesh out the product concretely.

Episode 5

In this 5th discussion of the series, Malcolm further zooms in on the block diagram and accordion text outline of features, behaviors, connections and granular details that define the product to be built.

Episode 6

Cindy and Malcolm discuss applications of the lean spec to the product development process


Episode 7

Discussing the issue of appropriate naming of product functions.


Episode 8

In this 8th discussion of the series, Cindy and Malcolm discuss what pre-requisites might be necessary for attendees to the Lean Spec training, tools and software, as well as value of implementing the Lean Spec within both hardware and software product organizations.

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