Product Excellence Values

Forwarding a movement for product excellence, The Product Summit  conference showcases the people behind products and pursues the following values:

1. People first.

  • Not only the customers, stake-holders and end-users, but also every human (including workers) who touch the product from inception to destruction;

  • No human harmed at any point;

  • Recognition, respect for the dignity, empathy and validation of all human contribution and touch points across the product lifespan;

  • No destruction of planet or limited resources that sustain humane life.

For discussion:  Can any product be considered excellent based on this ideal definition? Can we afford to continue making products with planned obsolescence?

2. Questioning the status quo and the unknown. Starting points:

  • How to use technology to increase quality of life for all involved across all phases of the product development and usage from inception to destruction?

  • Why are things done, made, built, promoted, manufactured, destroyed this way?

  • What are the implications of these actions?

  • How can this process, product, viewpoint be improved?

For discussion:  Can we guarantee that our product creations and developed technology will be used for the intended purpose? If so, how? If not, what is our ethical responsibility if our products are used for destruction and exploitation? [take a walk in the shoes of a facebook/twitter/social app founder/employee whose child/relation is being cyberbullied]

3.  Discovering the market first.

  • Demonstrating that a problem is worth solving, and

  • Encouraging identification of solutions for problems that must be solved that may never have a market but are required to enhance the quality of life on the planet for all.

4. Empowering people with knowledge.

  • Providing a foundation of knowledge via educational events that forward product leaders, makers and business people to be accountable for the results of their product endeavors,

  • Increasing exposure to thought leaders and ideas via digital events, summits, conferences, meetups, workshops, hands-on and immersive, experiential trainings on subject matter immediately implementable and executionable,

  • Opening doors, providing bridges and making this information accessible across boundaries.

  • Evangelizing the profession of product management as a key strategic role that delivers cross functionally to guarantee product excellence.

5. Identifying appropriate process as opposed to forcing process on people and systems.

  • Employing systems approaches and best practices,

  • Recognizing process (or lack thereof) is a symptom of culture – not a bandaid or panacea,

  • Functionality first: Form follows function.

6. Implementing tools with empathy for the people involved.

7. Long tail view – immediate experimentation for sustainable, long term results.

8. Cross functional, cross-discipline and cross-team collaboration.

9. Bias towards

  • action, 

  • inclusion,

  • transparency,

  • win/win,

  • diversity,

  • quantifiable results,

  • and continuous learning organizations.

10. Progress not perfection.

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