Product Shootout

At a Product Shootout, attendees attack the product using different approaches, product management assessments and expectations.

Everyone learns -if the product presenters are listening, they are getting invaluable candid feedback from professionals that they wouldn’t get anywhere else because no one’s job is on the line at this event.

Product people and other attendees get to show off their critical analysis thinking and judgment, and teach/learn from others about how to think about new products, innovation, feature development, voice of the customer (VOC) and voice of the market (VOM).

It may be less painful to get candid feedback upfront sooner than later so you can pivot to move on to discover product/market fit.

Coming Soon: (if any products/companies have the guts):

Product Duels –

2 products in the same space go head to head and toe to toe to prove their benefits, advantages, worthiness of owning the space

Product Pivot Hoedowns – unique opportunities to hear about pivoting experiences, process, techniques and lessons learned.