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PS1:  Case Sandberg, Developer, Shutterfly, On UX and UI


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The Product Superheroes podcast originated as a way to have conversations from a product centric focus. Bob Schoenthal wanted to capture the in-depth discussions he was having with other tech enthusiasts about all aspects of the product, from design to development, from marketing to launch, from agile methodology to project management. He started by doing the Product coffee talk with a co-host, who moved onto other ventures, resulting in a pivot to focusing on the superheroes behind successful products. The goal is to share knowledge in a variety of topics identifying all of the elements necessary to build a great product.

The Product Superheroes Podcast with Bob Schoenthal is a fast paced sixty minutes of discussion focused on the people behind the products and the techniques they use to build better products. Bob chats with product managers, product designers, product developers and other passionate product people.

About Bob Schoenthal

A natural jack of all trades within product businesses, Bob was thrown into managing products as a result of his ability to communicate effectively across the organization and within the full spectrum of the product lifecycle. Bob is an experienced product manager, tech and passionate product enthusiast. His focus is on mid-sized companies in the Hawaii real estate sector and Bay Area B2B and B2C startups and early stage companies. He’s an avid tech conference and winning hackathon participant. Bob organizes Startup Product Talks Silicon Valley and is heading up the Product Camp San Francisco team. @mightybobarian

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