Product Therapy Is Available!

Product Therapy

The failure rate for new products is abysmal!


Because managing a product – whether you’ve got a multi-product line or a single product business is complex. It requires different skills, methods, tools and perspectives at different stages of the product’s lifecycle.

Managing products to success is difficult – it takes a team to bring a product to market but you might be a team of one.

New Product Failure Rate by Industry

New Product Failure Rate by Industry

Just because the tools are readily available to start building an online product, or even if you’ve identified a problem and a solution – does not mean that the process is intuitive, easy, or quickly implemented.

Whether you are launching a new product, being first to market with a new app, or growth hacking a product in a mature market with steep competition or seeking to achieve product/market fit, understand the market trends and the competitive space, recognize strategic partners and the business ecosystem…

Product Therapy is available for


Got an idea for a product and looking for feedback?
Are you managing a product and hitting up against road blocks and unforeseen obstacles?
Do you want to test your MVP?
Are you a lone Product manager in a startup or larger organization seeking support? (or to vent?!)
You might be an inventor, maker, hobbyist or small business owner

Product Therapy is an opportunity for you to get support so bring your product dilemmas, issues, challenges, and conflicts, about any aspect of the difficult process of managing, launching, scaling, pricing, packaging, products, in any industry, product type or service category – b2b and b2c, hardware or intangibles, as well as the internal issues of internal stakeholders, cross-functional politics and mis-communications…

We’ll discuss as a group to identify solutions and opportunities to assist you to move forward or you will get one on one attention.

Product Therapy takes place Mondays from 7:00-9:00 PM at The Port Workspaces in Oakland, CA

Come once, or weekly.

Product Therapy is brought to you by SUPA Product Academy in partnership with The Port Workspaces and Tech Liminal. Community members are welcome to attend. (see your community calendars to RSVP with special code)


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