ProductCamp South Florida


ProductCamp South Florida is the only full-day unconference for product & service managers, brand managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs in the region. It’s the premier event for product & service professionals to find out the latest developments, discover new ideas, and network with their peers. It’s happening Saturday, February 22 – registration is free!

According to Steve Johnson, co-founder of Applied Frameworks, “If you’re a product manager or product marketing manager, you should be networking now for the job you want next year. If you’re a hiring manager, you should be building a database (or file folder) of people you can reach to fill a job quickly.

Both employees and employers should be networking. And a good place to do that in the tech biz is productcamp.” read more about this

Tell your colleagues in Florida to register here and run over to Citrix on 851 W Cypress Creek Rd in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 starting at [8:00] AM Saturday, February 22 (also my Dad’s birthday!).

From Cindy:

I’m heading down to Florida and looking forward to seeing the dynamic product management duo, the Doctors, Jennifer and Barry, the contingent of passionate product management people, and attending great sessions!

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