Proposed ProductCamp SF Session: Bridging the Gap Between PM and Dev with a Hybrid UX/BA Role

Leon Barnard

Title: Bridging the Gap Between PM and Dev with a Hybrid UX/BA Role


Session Leader: Leon Barnard, @balsamiqleon








Are you a Product Manager tired of describing what needs to be built to the development team and getting back something that completely misses the mark?

Is something getting lost in translation?

Do you often hear from developers that they want more detail in the stories you write?

Do you have UX designers who spend weeks or months creating designs that never get built?

I want to address some of the common problems that exist in the Product Manager-UX-Development chain by showing that getting UX designers to write Agile stories actually leads to a better execution of the PM vision and improved usability of products.

The target audience for this session is product managers working in Agile environments who are looking to improve communication with developers and want help bridging the gap between their idea and what gets built.

About the presenter, Leon Barnard

Leon Barnard has worked as a UX Designer and Business Analyst for large and small software companies in Agile and waterfall environments. He now wears multiple hats at the best little software company, Balsamiq Studios, maker of Balsamiq Mockups, Rapid Wireframing Tool

He’s [email protected] and@balsamiqLeon on Twitter.

About Balsamiq

We believe that life’s too short for bad software! Since we started in 2008, our goal has been to help people create software that is easier to use. We do this by providing software toolsteaching people about UX, and by building a long-lasting company so that we can achieve our ambitious goal. We like to compete on usability and customer service. We’re good people, and we care. @balsamiq


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