Proposed ProductCamp SF Session: Building a Product Factory in India

Title: Building a Product Factory in India Session

Leader: Chris McCoy, @chrisamccoy


The most expensive thing any tech startup does is ship code. Cost of hiring engineers here in is stratospheric. Even then, executing back-end of an application is one layer in what is a complex process of dreaming up, building UI, approving UI/UX, and then putting into back-end production (and therefore front-end integration).

Smartest thing any entrepreneur can do is lower their cost of production so more resources can be used for front-end perfection and execution.

There’s an army of talented engineers around the world. They may not invent like you (us), but they sure can execute code given the right direction, architecture, and product flow.

This session designed to show you how to build a product factory in India from recruiting, to communication, to cloud-based product management, to achieving continuous integration.

We’ve executed this model at YourSports and are in process of scaling:

About the Speaker, Chris McCoy · Founder

Chris started YourSports because he believed every local sports game should be live online. As CEO, Chris leads the product and operation strategies for the company. Prior to YourSports, Chris started two successful ventures while studying social entrepreneurship at the University of Washington: PitchSmarter-an online baseball information and product company, and I Love Baseball Foundation ( organization that is helping solve the “education problem” among young ballplayers in the Dominican Republic.

Before college, Chris served DECA ( as its National President. He then went on to play briefly for the UW baseball team, before diving into the world of entrepreneurship and sports media, eventually leading him to founding YourSports. Favorite Teams: Washington Huskies Football, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Blazers Best Sports Moment: Hitting a 400 ft. homer in the Dominican Republic and striking out 14 in the same game.


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