Proposed PCamp SF Session: Product Development: Crafting Effective User Stories

Title: Product Development: Crafting Effective User Stories


Session Leader: Raviv Turner, @ravivturner Website:

Format: Townhall


Session Description:

User stories may be the most misunderstood entity in Agile. They’re not requirements.

They’re not use cases.

They’re not even narratives.

They are much simpler than that – stories are for planning. Yet so many product owners struggle with writing good user stories.

In this session you’ll learn the Role-Action-Context template, ten criteria for effective user stories and ideas for kick-starting story-writing when you feel stuck. We’ll then open it to the floor for further discussion.

About Raviv Turner

Raviv brings over 13 years of product management and startup experience, building profitable, consumer and business software products. In his current role as VP of Product at TapInfluence, Raviv is leading a team of talented engineers, designers and product people out of Boulder, CO, building the first influencer marketing SaaS + marketplace for top brands and agencies looking to connect with online influencers. Previously Raviv was the Co-Founder & CEO of Guerillapps, a NYC based, social gaming startup. Raviv is a regular presenter at the Boulder’s Product Management meetup and a mentor on Jeremy Horn’s Product Mentor – a program designed to pair Product Mentors and Mentees from around the world. Raviv graduated from the Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University.


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