Proposed @ProductCamp SF Session: The Challenges Of Hardware Projects

Title: The Challenges Of Hardware Projects Session

Leader: Jack Campbell, @crowdpc


Format: Presentation

Covered will be the broader VC, equity, and angel funding issues faced by hardware product developers, and the specific realities that such developers are thrust into one of two roles:

(a) licensing the product(s) to an existing manufacturer in that space, or

(b) establishing a new company themselves, seeking funding, and going the startup venture route.

The first method gives up creative control and makes very little money for the developer. The second method requires a product developer to somehow transition into being a business executive.

The session will fully discuss both concepts, and will introduce several alternative methods for hardware developers to get their products to market that involve less loss of control, more earnings, but do not require them to become “entrepreneurs.”

The session will be taught by serial hardware product developer and entrepreneur, Jack Campbell, who has been forced to found multiple companies and to accept multiple licensing deals throughout his career, from which he has learned the lessons being taught here.

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