Proposed @ProductCampSF Session: Adopt your Sales Team – Sales Enablement Essentials

Title: Adopt your Sales team – Sales Enablement Essentials Session

Leader: Andre Piazza, @AndreAtDell


Format: Presentation

Product Managers in high-tech are required to achieve ambitious results through their Sales teams, yet often feel disconnected, intimidated or simply frustrated by the relationship or results achieved with those Sales makers and leaders.

This session will explore how to change this picture step-by-step by utilizing simple Product Management tools and techniques in order to achieve the results you need, harness the full potential and build lasting relationships with your Sales team.

About the Presenter

Andre Piazza is a Marketing leader at Dell. His experience as a Product Manager made him a believer in intelligent products and memorable customer experiences. This session is based on the lessons he learned while working with Sales makers in growing portfolios: the balance of hard and soft skills required to establish credibility, build relationships while being an effective Product Manager.


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