Proposed ProductCampSF Session: Cracking the Code On Competitors and Industries

Title: Cracking the Code: On Competitors and Industries

Session Leader: Sean Campbell Website:

StartUP Product‘s insight:

All organizations leave a digital exhaust that can be seen across the Internet. While more true for larger publicly traded organizations smaller or mediums sized businesses also leave a large smoke trail that can be followed to it’s source.

You can leverage this type of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to better understand the assumptions a company is making about it’s market, the strategies that they have employed in the past, the capabilities they have in abundance, as well as gain insight as to what drives them to compete in certain markets.

During this presentation attendees will learn:

  • Best Practices for using over 20+ web based tools and sites that they can use to better collect and analyze OSINT from the web.
  • Ways you can use OSINT to paint a picture about competitor intent, future investments, and growth.
  • Where and how OSINT usage varies based on the country(s) you are targeting for your CI efforts

Techniques will be based in part on one of Cascade Insights books – Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence, due to be published in it’s 5th edition by early 2014.

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About The Speaker, Sean Campbell

Once you understand an industry, market, or competitor, you’re left with the hard question of what you need to do to be successful. Sean focuses on generating actionable strategies that organizations can depend on, using a mix of frameworks and information sources, both modern and proven.

By working with Sean, organizations learn not just how to survive but to thrive in a complex marketplace. Sean focuses on the “So What” and “Now What” for markets, industries, and competitors.

Sean has spoken on 5 continents, and has been interviewed by Forbes magazine, the NY Times, and the LA Times. Sean is an author of several books, his latest is Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence, now in its 4th edition.  Sean is an Adjunct Professor at Willamette University’s Atkinson School of Management where he teaches courses on Industry Analysis, Competitive Intelligence for full time MBA students and co-teaches the capstone course for the Professional MBA program.

Contact: sean at cascadeinsights dot com
Twitter: @sean_Campbell

About Cascade Insights
Cascade Insights is a recognized leader with a proven track record of providing technology companies around the globe with the insights necessary to navigate and win in a competitive landscape by providing sophisticated insights.
Podcast: “CI Life” – A Competitive Intelligence Podcast 




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