Proposed @ProductCampSF Session: Prioritization

Title: Prioritization Session

Leader: Amy Lightholder, @alightholder


Interactive Workshop


This is a team-based exercise designed to build consensus among stakeholders and produce a clear, prioritized product backlog.

This method is simple, but effective and can be used with both co-located and remote teams.

You may come alone and join a team to prioritize a “dummy” backlog or bring your stakeholders to receive training and practice for your own product.

Instructions for the latter option can be found here:

About the Presenter

Amy Lightholder is a seasoned UX analyst, Agile facilitator, entrepreneur, and coach with over fifteen years of experience in the tech industry. She holds a degree in Computer Science as well as numerous professional certifications in project and product management.

Learn more about Amy at

Her site:


ProductCampSF October 12, 2013 at Broadway Studios


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