Proposed PCampSF Session: Use experiments to align a team and deliver faster in big co’s

Title: Use experiments to align a team and deliver faster in big co’s (aka killing the ticketing culture) Session Leader: Vincent Coste

StartUP Product‘s insight:

The main problems when innovating in big companies are 

  • Ticketing culture, 
  • loss of ownership and 
  • loss of empowerment 
What helped us is a framework we crafted during 18 months, that we called experiments. Experiments are testable and measurable actions that allow to validate or invalidate assumptions and hypothesis we make everyday as product managers.

We’ll see:
– how the measurable aspect of those experiments gave ownership to people working on the project.
– how the testable aspect helped us focus and align the team around credible and written goals
– how the fact that you need to follow them through time, weeks, sometimes months helped us empower people and make them accountable and responsible for the whole product.
In Theory and then a practical example with a part of the marketing team.

About Vincente
Vincent Coste is a product manager and intrapreneur. He usually works with big companies to help them build new products. He worked as an IT consultant, but also as a freelance developer and Product manager, in web and mobile products. He founded and, before trying the intrapreneurial adventure with 


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