Proposed PCamp SF Session: 1-5-5-5: Don’t let internal processes put you out of business

Proposed ProductCampSF Session: Don’t let internal processes put you out of business

Session Leader: Steve Johnson


StartUP Product‘s insight:

Steve is flying in from the East Coast to present at ProductCamp San Francisco! Register and vote for this talk, where Steve Johnson explores 1-5-5-5:

  • one research tool that gives the best insights;
  • five questions we should be asking our customers;
  • five living documents; and
  • five principles that ensure the right amount of process.
About Steve
Steve Johnson is a recognized thought leader on product marketing and management processes. Under 10 Consulting is based on the belief that minimal process and simple templates result in a nimble product marketing and management team. Before founding Under 10 Consulting, Steve was a Pragmatic Marketing instructor for over 15 years and personally trained thousands of product managers and hundreds of company senior executive teams. Steve is a popular keynote speaker at forums throughout North America and author of many articles on technology product marketing and management.

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ProductCamp San Francisco  is day 3 of: Product Bootcamp San Francisco October 10-12, 2013:

Where do people who are passionate about product excellence learn how to manage products, find like minded professionals and mentors, learn from the mistakes of others, get perspectives outside of their domain, acquire tools to forward their product at every stage of the product lifecycle, discover role models, hone their art and craft for managing products across disciplines, stay up on the latest innovation and methodology, and share with others to forward their careers?

Product Bootcamp San Francisco October 10-12, 2013 at Broadway Studios, 435 Broadway, San Francisco, California. Three packed days of learning, networking and sharing with the best and brightest product leaders, practitioners and experts representing a wide spectrum of top companies, startups and products.

October 10 –  Workshop day for people to get real product chops from understanding the competitive space to building great products the lean startup way.

October 11 – Startup Product Summit SF2 – a full day of product leaders, experts and visionaries sharing what they’ve learned to forward audience members in standing on their shoulders to propel their products and companies forward.  @startupproduct #startupproduct

October 12 – The true community unconferenceProduct Camp San Francisco! Everyone is invited to propose topics and present and everyone is on the team to create value throughout the day.   Twitter @productcampsf#pcampsf

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