Actuation Consulting (a Startup Product Partner) and Enterprise Agility yearly conduct the global survey of product teams to better understand the dynamics of product team performance and to uncover the practices that make these teams successful. The goal of the research is to continuously improve our understanding of why some product teams excel while others struggle and to, once again, clarify the factors that influence the optimal outcomes.  What makes this survey unique is that it enjoys the support of various industry associations and market players — groups and individuals that don’t generally work together.

Our industry experience has led us to believe strongly that product managers, project managers, and business analysts don’t always optimize their working relationships, and this can have a negative impact on product team performance. However, information regarding the dynamics of these important and complex relationships is hard to come by.

Study of Product Team Performance 2014

Study of Product Team Performance 2013

We designed the 2013 study to further explore the dynamics of high-performing product teams by pursuing four interconnected threads.



Study of Product Team Performance 2012


When we started this process, we hoped to uncover information that can’t be found by investigating the product development roles separately. Indeed, to get the most accurate view, we knew we had to look across product teams. In the end, what we uncovered was more telling than we could have imagined.


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