Santiago Product Talks Meetup Recap

Last Tuesday we had another successful Product Talk meetup using the Lean Coffee format. We met at Cafe Musetti and actually had coffee!

The 5 founding members presented a problem they were having in their start-ups and together, with the group, discussed the best solution; arriving at the answer by intertwining our start-up experience and product management knowledge.

We are very happy to bring Start Up Santiago Product Talks to Chile!

After surveying our guests, we have decided to focus on quality over quantity. Having a more intimate meetup is new for start-up events in Chile and seems to be catching everyone’s interest.  Each new member will invite a guest and present until we make it to the group maximum of 25.

We are lucky to have a diverse group of founding members including:

  • Javier Graterol, originally from Venezuela, he is a true adventurer and entrepreneur inspired by the challenge of developing new ideas that generate positive impacts.
  • Mauricio Hernandez, a Chilean investment specialist and serial entrepreneur, he brings an in-depth understanding of what it is like to do business in Chile.
  • Cristian Fuentes, an industrial designer and expert in social innovation.
  • James Rochabrun, co-organizer of Start Up Santiago Product Talks, online marketing specialist and founder of, a geolocalized mobile fashion app.
  • Rigoberto Cortazar, a Colombian serial entrepreneur, programmer and passionate learner.
  • Sasha Blumenfeld, community organizer and product excellence evangelist.

Our next meetup will be the 23rd of September where we will have a special guest speaker join our group and discuss solutions to our product management problems.

We look forward to growing the group in Chile and expanding the Product Talk movement.

What People are saying about the Santiago Product Talks Group

Good coffee, Great atmosphere, friendly people!

Muy buena conversacion y compartir de experiencias

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