Should The Law Protect Your Online Communications?

Derek Slater sent out this update on Internet legislation and initiatives from Google:

We’ve shown Senator Feinstein that we care about online privacy, and that we want the law of the land to be updated to reflect the way we use the Internet today. Now we need to escalate our case.

More than 36,000 51,000 people have signed the “We the People” petition demanding that the White House update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) so that the stuff you store online gets the same legal protections as the stuff you keep in your home.

The White House is only obligated to respond once the petition has reached 100,000 signatures, so today is the day to speak up and let the White House know.

Take two minutes to sign the petition and tell the government to get a warrant. Add your name now:

To sign the petition, you’ll create an account, click a link in the confirmation email, and then click once more to sign that petition. It’s just a few clicks to help protect the Fourth Amendment, but they’re clicks that will demand a response from the White House.

Sign the petition



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