Startup Product Distilled Innovation Challenge Event, Colombia

Soon we will be holding another event in Medellin, continue distilling innovative ideas and sharing this passion with the whole community of innovators StartupProduct!

More info:

Lanzamiento Distilled Innovation Challenge: Reto Coca-Cola

You can also engage with ideas that will be used as Ideas in the event, and can share in

Proposed by the sponsor Coca-Cola challenge is: How can we make people have healthy lifestyles to reduce rates of obesity and overweight? Colombia Coca-Cola joins with this Innovation Challenge Open to the announcement made ​​by the Ministry of Health to develop a menu of alternatives that can influence the community in order to reduce the rates of obesity and overweight and instill healthy habits . Alternatives must meet the following characteristics:

  • Aimed at general population: total population because the high rates of obesity are not centralized in any specific population group.
  • Sustainable over time
  • Inclusive
  • High Impact

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