Review: Startup Product Summit SF2

by Toyin Lapido

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I was part of the crowd of product lovers who gathered at Broadway Studios for the Startup Product Bootcamp events and Summit SF2 on October 10-12. It was 3 wonderful days of interesting learning, sharing knowledge and meeting people who share a common love for great products. Product excellence immersion at its best!

People came to learn about cutting edge methodologies, awesome tools and to get exposure to new thinking and different perspectives.

There was something for everyone:

  • career mentoring and counseling sessions for those who want career advancement,
  • product launch platform for those with new products,
  • talent pool  for recruitment purposes,
  • a lot of networking and getting up close to product leaders.
I heard and experienced a lot of great things at Startup Product Summit SF2. However,  the following 10 things resonated the most with me;
  1. Listen to your customers but do not always do what they say.
  2. Do not give in to temptation to include “strategic” features that serve no purpose at the moment.
  3. Speak the language your customer understands
  4. Build only when you have commitment from customers.
  5. Be involved in the sales. You need to understand how your customers react to your product.
  6. Test early MVP (minimum viable product) with customers.
  7. Only develop products for pain-points you are passionate about.
  8. Be aware of past ideas and solutions in your domain and
  9. Be receptive to using past ideas to develop innovative products and solutions.
  10. Help people do what they already do in as fewer steps as possible.


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