The 2015 Study of Product Team Performance covers a wide range of topics including;

  • the most widely used product manager accountability metrics,
  • data on optimizing user experience,
  • recent findings on product development methodology adoption trends, and
  • much more.

The 2015 study explores the dynamics of high-performing product teams by pursuing three interconnected threads.

The first thread lays the groundwork with demographic information, helping us understand respondent profiles, spans of responsibility, size of company, and market segment served.

While the Study of Product Team Performance has always been global, it is worth noting that there was a significant increase in international responses this year. In fact, roughly a third of respondents came from outside the United States. This increase in international response reflects the global nature of multi-national companies and the increasingly borderless world within which products are developed and compete.

The second thread focuses on performance which we broke into three subcategories: product team performance, product management performance, and user experience. Last year’s study identified the increasing importance of user experience in the product development process. This year we take a closer look at how user experience relates to product team performance.

In the third and final thread, we more deeply explore the key factors that distinguish high performance teams from all others.

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