Please share your events with us! We love to collaborate for win/win. We will post your events to our meetups and/or calendar according to our guidelines:

Startup Product Meetup events:

  • Free events (any free, local, and face-to-face events for entrepreneurs and/or product professionals) – can crosspost other meetup events

  • Is it all-inclusive (building bridges and opening doors) for collaboration amongst diverse and cross-functional participants?

  • If it’s not free, please provide Startup Product members with a discount to register.

  • If it’s a conference, please provide Startup Product Academy with media partnership/sponsorship positioning  (our logo and URL included on your event site + free ticket)

For Community Event Calendar:

  • All of the above AND open to exclusive events that may NOT welcome everyone (for example, special interest groups (tech focused), targeted market segment and/or specific titles or vertical professionals)

  • Classes, events, conferences (face-to-face and/or virtual/digital events) that involve Startup Product member speakers, companies, partners and/or sponsors

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As a media sponsor, we offer many online channels to promote your event to extend your current audience:

1.  Global Product Management Talk broadcast is a top 10 business podcast on the BlogTalkRadio network, reaching upwards of 30K listeners per episode, syndicated on iTunes, Stitcher in addition to stand alone Android App #ProdMgmtTalk:

  • With advanced notice, schedule a speaker of your choice to be showcased on an episode for a full hour
  • mention your event information at top of the hour
  • tweet about your event during the broadcast

2. Include in our community calendar of events

3. Promote across our social media, online venues, and growing meetup communities including our twitter accounts reaching 10K followers, linkedin groups, facebook presence, and showcase a blog posting from your keynote or other designated speaker.

4. Following the event, we may capture a full transcript of all tweets, links and content from the event and post to our archives for people to read what happened through the voices of participants at the event.

Ask us about our sponsorship packages that include newsletters, webcasts, and other content marketing services to be positioned as a thought leader, expand your audience, and reach passionate product people world wide.

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