Take An Hour To Learn to CODE!

If you can create technology, you can change the world.

The “Hour of Code” initiative, launched Monday in association with Computer Science Education Week, has a simple premise: in just a one-hour lesson, users can learn the basic fundamentals of code or a variety of tutorials to expand Computer Science knowledge. Codecademy  hopped on the initiative with its first iPhone app fittingly titled Codecademy: Hour of Code.

“We think people need to learn these skills to help them make things and work well in the twenty-first century – and they need to learn everywhere and at any time,”  Codecademy co-founder Zach Sims said.

More info:


Learning To Code Movement

Coding certainly isn’t easy for everyone, but there are resources (like these here) that make learning possible for anyone. https://medium.com/on-coding/7ab5a467d792


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