Startup Product movement and events

  • operate within a collaborative product team environment;
  • enable cross-functional professionals
    • to generously contribute their expertise,
    • discover new methods,
    • try new tools and approaches,
    • produce results in a volatile atmosphere of continuous delivery and iteration,
    • make mistakes and share new learning.
  • employ lean startup best practices;
  • are constantly experimenting and testing assumptions within a constant learning framework;
  • emulate a product launch;
  • encourage team members to
    • move outside their comfort zone,
    • showcase their expertise,
    • be flexible, responsive, spontaneous & resourceful,
    • discover new talents and increase their knowledge base,
    • expand their network, and
    • forward their product careers.

People on the team are vetted based on results produced and may be available for new opportunities.

Product Bootcamp Team 2013