This New Fellowship Is Trying To Get New York’s Tech Talent To Solve Some Of The City’s Most Meaningful Problems

Significance Labs wants you to use your tech talent for good.

Apply before April 30 for 3 month fellowship in NY:

“We’re inviting a half dozen rising stars in the tech world to spend three months this summer to do just that. You’re already deeply versed in building products or companies, and now you want to test something else.”

Hannah Wright is on a mission to encourage the tech talent in New York City to do something more meaningful. Significance Labs, which Wright co-founded with Parker Mitchell and Bill Cromie in February, is giving six New York City techies the opportunity to focus on building products that help solve real problems for the people who need it the most: Those 25 million American families living on less than $25,000 a year.

Six Significance Labs Fellows will each have three months, $50,000, and access to top design and tech firms to design mobile products for low-income Americans that will help solve simple problems in their lives. The Lab is looking for product ideas that may only solve little problems, but will cause dramatic ripple effects in the lives of the people using them.

The Fellows won’t necessarily be coming in with their own ideas. A big part of the program is creating mutually respectful and immersive interactions between with designated low-income New York City communities and each of the Fellows, who will also have access to experts in different non-profits fields.

“As opposed to tackling the entirety of her problem, we’re going to chip away at the death-by-1000-cuts little pain points,” Wright says. “That itself leads to broader outcomes; we believe that if we keep doing those little things over and over again, we all together vastly improve people’s lives, even if no one of them is the transformative solution.”

About the Significance Labs

Imagine a world where the 75 million Americans living on less than 25,000/year benefit as much from technology as the well off.

Significance Labs is an incubator for socially conscious entrepreneurial projects. The fellowship is a three month program bringing together a half dozen of the best and brightest from the world of technology and support them as they develop tech products that help solve problems for low income americans. Using what we’ve learned from the startupworld building products that people use, we are going to build tech that make the world a better place.

Our fellows will receive $50k of support over the course of the summer to build a product that makes a difference: engineering, design, co-working space etc. but most importantly, immersion into the communities we’re going to be trying to help so we can rapidly iterate against real user feedback.

We’re currently looking for seasoned tech leaders and entrepreneurs who have a track record of building things to join our summer fellows class.

Fellows will receive:
  • Unparalleled access to untapped communities in New York through our immersion program
  • Over $50,000 in resources to design, build, and test their product ideas
  • Co-working space in our offices in New York
  • Access to a network of experts and funders from the public and private sectors, who can help inform product design and provide resources for promising products to scale 

We’re looking for someone who:
  • Has built and launched multiple products, ideally across a range of platforms, and ideally with a lot of user interaction
  • Wants to solve real problems for real people. You believe in tech’s ability to improve and empower, and you want to put those tools directly in the hands of low-income Americans.
  • Wants to be on the leading edge of a new territory for tech, and is comfortable building a team and taking them with you.
  • Is willing to get creative to understand and test with a new set of users.

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