Webcast: Empowering Product Managers To Drive Sales

Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers depend on sales enablement tools to ensure that sales teams have the right training and messages to make the most of their product opportunities. However, when introducing new products or features to market, sales enablement often fails – resulting in an under-performing product launch or sluggish product.

Product managers and product marketing managers often confront an inability to build necessary confidence to overcome the sales team’s reluctance to sell the new product, steep competition that annihilates the first attempts to create a market segment, difficulty translating successful tactics and scaling approaches from one sales team to many. Overcoming these challenges has a lot to do with what PMs and PMMs choose to do at the early stages of product introduction.

In this webcast you will learn:

1. How to uncover unproven assumptions that can poison motivation when going to market
2. How to deal with uncertainties within the sales force
3. How to overcome sales aversion to selling the new features and products
4. How to deal with lack of competitive information and references

We will learn this, and more, looking at Contondo the Field Enablement tool for PMs and PMMs.

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About the speakers: Contondo Co-Founders

Assaf Litai

A seasoned entrepreneur, Assaf has over 20 years experience defining, developing and selling various B2B products to mid and large scale enterprises globally. His previous company, PortAuthority, was acquired by Websense, where Assaf served as vice president of Strategic Accounts.

Aviv Ben Zeev

Aviv Ben Zeev has over 15 years’ experience at large, global, high-tech companies in roles including engineering, sales and sales-management. Before co-founding Contondo, Aviv was Vice President of Sales, Europe at Orckit.

About Contondo

Contondo was founded by a team of product managers and sales executives who realized that many of their products failures could have been avoided. Product launch failure is a slippery slope – even a well-designed product that was an easy sell to the first reference customer may get to be ignored by sales teams in a vicious cycle until everyone assumes “it is a bad product”. At Contondo we believe this can be largely avoided for most, well thought out, products. At Contondo we help Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers create initial momentum for their products by providing an improved, more immediate access to the field teams selling the products.

Cindy F. Solomon, Moderator
Cindy F. Solomon is a product marketing leader and product management expert. She hosts and produces the popular Global Product Management Talk, a top 10 business podcast on the BlogTalkRadio network reaching >30,000 listeners per episode. She is a contributing author to several books, including the Guide to the ProdBOK, Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge and 42 Rules of Product Marketing. Solomon founded the Startup Product Academy, LLC and the movement for product excellence to provide innovative approaches, experiential learning opportunities, conferences and events that forward product leaders and product management organizations. Solomon brings over 20 years of driving successful product marketing initiatives at enterprise level and early stage software, hardware, web development, services, and software product organizations including Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and start-ups in Silicon Valley. She holds CPM/CPMM certification. @CindyFSolomon https://startupproduct.com


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