What is Design-Thinking?

“Instead of specializing in only one field of knowledge (engineering, design, administration, etc.), you can use your full brain, left-side (logical, science) and right-side (creative, art), to trigger new connections and associations, and come up with innovative ideas.”

StartUP Product‘s insight:

By Alejandro Rios @alerios

For entrepreneurs to succeed, they need to think with their full brain and develop skills from Design, Development and Business among their startup team.

  • Leonardo da Vinci and all the other great minds from The Renaissance were really innovative, they put an end to an era of obscurity by a mix of humanism, science and art five centuries ago
  • Nowadays with innovation around the world: we are using Human-Centered and creativity tools like Design-Thinking to give shape to a better world.
  • One of the assumptions made by Design-Thinking is that creativity is not something that you either have or not, or an isolated “Eureka!” epiphany, but something that you can learn and manage.

Process, Tools and Methodology



IDEO’s Human-Centered Design toolkitand methods

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