What Speakers Say About The Product Summit

“I just love being in a room with other product managers to share ideas and learn from their courage. Such an opportunity hasn’t existed really before, and it didn’t exist for me until The Product Summit.” – Ken Norton, Partner, Google Ventures, Speaker at SPS2


“Product managers work so deeply inside our companies and with so many different kinds of people across so many different functions and teams, that it’s rare to have the time or opportunity to join together and discuss the art of what we do. That’s the gift we have here at this product conference.” – Josh Elman, Greylock Partners, Speaker at SPS2


“Everybody’s presentation covered a different angle here at the conference, offering a 360 degree view of product management. I left thinking that anyone who wants to become a good product manager and sharpen the saw, so to speak, can become better at it, absorbing the lessons of experienced product managers who have congregated here.” – Jason Chicola, Founder and CEO of Rev.com, Speaker at SPS2


“Getting product management right means going beyond platitudes like always listen to the customer. Luckily, The Product Summit offers an exciting alternative; that is, by bringing like-minded product people together in one place, we can dig deeper and solve common problems together.” – Jason Shah, Speaker at SPS2


“We, product managers, have to figure out how to get things done when no one reports to us—turn a pushback into a positive. And there’s no better place to learn that, than within a community where everyone is excited to share what works.” – Ian Kennedy, Director of Product, Gigaom. Speaker at SPS2


“The paradox of product management is that when you are building for the present and not the future, you will always fall behind. Instead, build enough for the present as you commit to going forward with future plans.” – Chris Burner, Software Engineer, Twitter. Speaker at SPS1


“I love talking with product people, fellow professionals with the same passion for creating something from nothing. I spend a lot of time thinking about products in one way or another, and with each conference, I inevitably come away with a new way of thinking or a new approach. It’s good to get outside of the product bubble or comfort zone with other product managers too.” Steve Cohn, Founder and CEO, Validately. Speaker at SPS2


“You need both data and direct conversations with customers sharing their stories to get a handle on what’s working for your product, a key lesson I’d like to impart today at The Product Summit.” – Evan Hamilton, Director of Community, Zozi at SPS1


solomonhykes“There is no magical tool or method with product management; it’s a trade-off influenced by your own biases. Become aware of them and you can self-correct. It’s an extremely valuable thing when a team knows itself and can find its balance.” – Solomon Hykes, Co-Founder and CEO, dotCloud. Speaker at SPS1


TeresaTorres“At The Product Summit, I met so many positive product professionals, learned from everybody’s first-hand experiences and got to compare our respective product journeys as well.” – Teresa Torres, Product Manager. Attendee at SPS1. Speaker at SPS2.


“Thinking about products in a platform sort of way allows your team to be more agile and think more like a startup. And that’s what’s so great about a conference like this. It takes place in the heart of startups; so, there’s tremendous energy, and people are really excited to be here. You can see it in the attitude of a high percentage of attendees.” – Delyn Symons, Vice President, Mashery, Speaker at SPS2


Rich Mironov, Seasoned Product Executive, Start-up Entrepreneur, Author, Technologist, And Founder Of Product Camp Silicon Valley“As with product management, a good interview is really about coming up with solutions to a problem and selling those solutions during the interview. Your goal is to be memorable, specific and to remind those interviewers that you know how to go about solving customer problems, much like we’re doing here at The Product Summit.” – Rich Mironov, CEO, Mironov Consulting and Author, The Art of Product Management. Speaker at SPS2


There’s such value in the collective wisdom that can be tapped at the Product Summit, such as insights into building products and formalizing product management practices.” – Kristy Kocher, Head of Product management, Clearstreet. Speaker at SPS2.


“It’s great to come to The Product Summit because it really calls out how very rich the field of product management is. There are so many facets, from ideation to API’s to design to coming to know users and data. So, spending a few days focused on these topics, allows for a really unique experience; you go away understanding product management practice as a whole.” – Tatiana Josephy, Vice President Product, Crowdflower. Speaker at SPS2


The next Product Summit to be held in Oakland, CA on October 9th, 2015. Register now!

The Product Summit

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