When And Why Do I Need A Lawyer For My Startup/Product?

Meet Mario Moya at SUPA Product Talks and hear what he has to say about his own startup, legal perspectives on products, tech and more!

After graduating from Stanford Law School in 2005, Mario Moya has developed an extensive legal practice representing individuals and companies in a variety of legal matters ranging from general advice and counseling to complex litigation in state and federal courts nationwide.  Most recently, he obtained a second bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has engineered a software product with the hope of lowering the cost of everyday legal services.



Agenda, October 15, 2015

[6:30]-[7:00] PM Networking

[7:00][7:15] Welcome, Introductions

[7:15][8:30] Mario Moya, Attorney, Software Developer & Startup Founder

[8:30][9:00] Product & People Pitches, Job Opps, Demos




About Mario Moya

Throughout his 10-year legal career, Mario has litigated a wide range of business disputes and counseled clients on a variety of legal issues, including e-commerce, employment and regulatory matters, online privacy and e-Discovery best-practices.  He has also spent hundreds of hours litigating constitutional and civil rights matters pro bono and has written articles about important developments at the intersection of privacy and technology.

The law and the legal profession are evolving at ever-increasing speed due to rapid technological change, and anyone working in the legal profession within the last 20 years has experienced this in one form or another. One of Mario’s long-term goals is to help the law and the profession change for the better, particularly by leveraging the power of technology to expand access to justice and to provide quality legal advice at scale.

In 2012, Mario decided to shake things up career-wise by pursuing a second bachelors degree in computer science.  Since then, he has built a small software company with a long-term vision to provide quality legal services at scale and has devoted countless days, weeks and months to learn about the tech industry from the inside-out (which has necessarily included hours of endless programming and debugging).

As both an experienced lawyer and an recent entrepreneur, Mario is excited to share his unique experience and offer a few valuable insights to anyone hoping to launch a new product.
He is an avid supporter of everything Python & Pythonic, and he’s licensed to practice law in California, Texas and New York.

You can reach me via email at restless415 “at” gmail dot com or via Twitter at @MMoya415


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