Building Great Products the Lean Startup Way


Instructor: Dan Olsen

danolsenIn this workshop, you will learn best practices for creating products that people love. The workshop is divided into three sections:

1) Define customer needs, identify opportunities, and find a winning product strategy and MVP,

2) Learn and apply UX design principles to create and test your product,

3) Validate your product with user testing and metrics

See the course page for more information.

Going Beyond Google: Building Competitive Insights


Instructor: Sean Campbell

seancampbellNearly every company can benefit from having a clearer view of the competitive and industry landscape they inhabit. However, building up this picture at a tactical and strategic level can take a significant amount of time. There are tools that can help you more quickly to build a snapshot of your competitors and the industry you share. Additionally these tools can provide checks and balances that help ensure that you are seeing an accurate picture upon which to base your decisions.  This workshop provides those tools.

See the course page for more information.


Workshops take place during the first day of Product Bootcamp San Francisco October 10-12, 2013:

October 10 workshop day for people to get real product chops from understanding the competitive space to building great products the lean startup way.

October 11 is Startup Product Summit SF2 – a full day of product leaders, experts and visionaries sharing what they’ve learned to forward audience members in standing on their shoulders to propel their products and companies forward. @startupproduct #startupproduct

October 12 is the true community unconference: Product Camp San Francisco! Everyone is invited to propose topics and present and everyone is on the team to create value through out the day.  Twitter @productcampsf #pcampsf