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About Startup Product

The name “Startup Product” references the fact that all products begin with an idea and there is a foundation of knowledge and expertise necessary from inception of product through end of life, encompassing the entire product lifecycle, to bring that idea to life and enable scaling the product beyond the startup phase. Large organizations look to startups for talent, innovative approaches, design thinking and agile implementation. Product professionals include founders, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, managers and makers who solve problems, build products, test the market to find product/market fit and scale companies to deliver the product to the market.

Cindy F. Solomon, an entrepreneur and product marketing expert, hosts the regular broadcast, the Global Product Management Talk, and began organizing Startup Product events which spawned the Startup Product movement for product excellence that has grown into 20 growing communities worldwide. Those communities’ members seek valuable information that sheds light on the state of the art of managing products, diversifying teams, methodologies, perspectives and how to open doors and build bridges for people to enter and advance in professions that contribute to building products that make a difference for everyone on the planet.

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